Platforms that we can Operate for you

businessgateways India builds & operates complex IT projects/platforms, empowered by advanced technology, exclusive data analytics, and expertise, that challenge our delivery models while aligning with the needs of our clientele.

Platforms We Build

Why customers choose us?

businessgateways India team is standing by to support you on any solution that is listed below. Of course, we are willing to go above and beyond to cater to your unique requirements that are fully tailor-made to your requirements. Some of the ready-made solutions that can be pulled off the shelves include:

Integrated Supplier Certification System & Procurement Solutions

businessgateways India has engineered a Supplier Certification platform that delivers an efficient Procurement and Supply Chain operations on behalf of Large organizations, Industry-wide networks, and Governmental Stakeholders. We craft complete Procurement Management Systems with specific alignment towards Local Content Development pertaining to MSMEs, Spend Management and Supply Chain Empowerment.

Investment Facilitation Solutions

We create solutions that offer Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) facilitations. Our National Investment Platforms support FDI driving investment in all Sectors and Industries. We provide Investment Facilitation solutions to Government bodies and Large Industries.

Strategic Support Solutions

businessgateways India implements Strategic Support Platforms that drive and monitor Subsidy Disbursements for the benefit of communities and citizens of nations. We offer effective tools and solutions that allow national citizens to efficiently enable and track subsidies set by Government bodies.

Local Content Enabling Solutions

We have huge experience in Local Content Enablement through Procurement and investment models impacting Industries, Regions and Nations. Our team is highly qualified to address the changing requirements and strategic objectives within Local Content by creating intelligent systems that enforce & monitor Local Content Obligations supporting MSMEs across the ecosystem and generate critical analytical data for decision support.

Outsourcing Solutions

businessgateways India supports every organization in Asset Building and Disposals by identifying specific companies through a unique Outsourced model by utilizing our platform to drive disposals of your assets and scrap materials on our eAuction and eTendering Platforms. These outsourced models can work with your team over a set period to conduct multiple disposals or purchase events on your behalf, thereby saving huge costs and time.

We are a team that enjoy pushing the limits to our capabilities and driving for excellence for our customer. Connect with us for your next project.

Our Platforms

businessgateways, India builds, supports, and maintains multiple national-level IT platforms. Our company is driven by techno-innovation in the implementation of strategic IT projects that connect People, Businesses, Industries and Nations. Here are a few platforms we have helped implement.


The Joint Supplier Registration System (JSRS) is an industry-level mandatory supplier certification system, implemented on behalf of the Ministry of Energy and Minerals, Oman, and the Oil & Gas Operators.



The Oman National Subsidy System (NSS) is a national citizen services network, implemented on behalf of the Government of Oman. The NSS allows users to virtually enable and track their fuel subsidy.



bidproc, a businessgateways initiative, is a fully outsourced eAuction platform, supporting Oman SME Asset building in the disposal and purchase of Excess Goods, Industrial Scrap, Used Vehicles and Used Equipment.



The Invest in Oman platform is the Official Gateway to investing in Oman. Implemented on behalf of ITHRAA as an investment marketing initiative for International companies interested in the Sultanate.