JSRS Contracts Management System


The JSRS Contracts Management System (JSRS-CMS), is a one-stop platform integrating Supplier Sourcing, Response, Award & Tracking of the entire Project's/Contract's Supply Chain.

The Ministry of Energy and Minerals, Oman has Mandated the JSRS-CMS for Operators to monitor their sub-contracting activities. Other Project Owners and Contractors also use JSRS-CMS to enforce MSME/LCC Obligations.

The JSRS Contracts Management System connects the JSRS Certified Suppliers Network (JSRS CSN) to the entire Supply Chain levels of each project for enhanced MSME, LCC, ICV-related Opportunities and more.

 JSRS Contracts Management System
 JSRS Contracts Management System for Suppliers

For Suppliers

  • Provide equal opportunities to the JSRS Supplier communities
  • Receive Contracts enquiries directly and submit RFX Responses online
  • Operate in a transparent and secure environment to compete in eTendering Bidding Processes
  • Be Awarded Contracts and implement MSME, LCC and other ICV Obligations
 JSRS Contracts Management System for Project Owners

For Project Owners

  • Track and monitor JSRS Certified MSME, LCC and Other ICV contractual Obligations in Sub-Contracting activities.
  • Maintain Repository of all awarded Contracts and Sub-contracts
  • Ensure Sub-Contracting & Contractual Obligations are implemented efficiently and transparently
  • Engage in Analytics of the Contracts data and gain important Insights
 JSRS Contracts Management System for Contractors

For Contractors

  • Propagate Enquiries and engage in the complete Award Process using secure online tendering tools
  • Set target Supplier criteria to source the relevant Suppliers (MSMEs/LCCs and other companies) for your Bidding Process
  • Engage in Analytics of the Contracts data and gain important Insights
  • Conduct Supplier Performance Appraisals in all level of Awarded Contracts

Presently, Oil & Gas Operators like OQ SAOC, PDO, OXY, BP, CCED and Other Industries Buyers such as SEZD & Duqm Refinery - OQ make use of JSRS Contracts Management System to enable and monitor SME, LCC and other contractual obligations and ensure transparency throughout the process.


eTendering System on JSRS-CMS

The JSRS eTendering System in the JSRS-CMS is an integrated tendering process with secure eTendering & eAuction Platform, which ensures complete transparency and fair play during each award. 

The Project Owners who have been awarded a contract (with an obligation), will enable the eTendering module to Contractors on JSRS-CMS for their sub-contracting processes.

CMS & eTendering System Highlights

ICV Obligation Image

ICV Obligation

As part of the ICV obligation, JSRS-CMS prioritises MSMEs, LCCs and other local Supplier communities for eTendering processes. CMS connects JSRS Certified Suppliers Network (JSRS CSN) to the entire Supply Chain levels of each project for opportunities.

Secured Platform Image

Secured Platform

JSRS-CMS provides for a secure and safe environment for the eTendering and eAuction Processes, with sealed bids (encrypted) and other audit trail log features.

Detailed Repository Image

Detailed Repository

JSRS-CMS offers detailed Contracts and Sub-Contracts Repository that supports operating, tracking, and progressing towards the achievement of MSMEs, LCC and other ICV Obligation goals.

Equal Opportunities Image

Equal Opportunities

The eTendering & eAuction Platforms in JSRS-CMS serves the main purpose of ensuring equal and fair distribution of opportunities within the Suppliers Network.

We invite all JSRS Buyers to initiate the JSRS-Contracts Management System (JSRS-CMS) for their projects by entering the details of the initial contract, and the process can then be followed up by the Contractors and Sub-contractors in the entire supply chain.

MSMEs need to be registered on JSRS as a Certified Supplier to be able to access the JSRS-CMS platform. JSRS-CMS aligns itself with Oman’s MSME/LCC Obligation ensuring ICV-mandated obligations are met when awarding a contract. Therefore, your presence on our platform could benefit your company. If you are not a Certified Supplier, we suggest you apply for the JSRS Certification. To know more, talk to a JSRS expert now.
As a Local Community Contractor (LCC) operating within specific Concession Areas of Operators, your first step will be to apply for the JSRS Certificate along with the additional LCC status. You will then receive Contract enquiries which have mandatory LCC Obligations. The JSRS-CMS ensures Omani LCC Obligations are given priority when awarding a contract. A valid JSRS Certificate could help your company acquire more contracts. Also, enquire now to understand about the Additional Certifications in JSRS and CMS.
Yes, if you wish to use the JSRS-CMS Platform to award a contract or perform any eTendering activity, then you need to be registered on the JSRS. You can click here to get started on the registration process or Schedule a Consultation to know more. Contact us for a demo on the workings of JSRS-CMS platform.

Become a JSRS Certified Supplier to participate in the Online Enquiries through the Contracts Management and eTendering Systems.

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