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We craft complete Procurement Management Systems with specific alignment towards Local Content Development pertaining to MSMEs, Spend Management and Supply Chain Empowerment.

businessgateways & Local Content Solutions

We are passionate about implementing Local Content through Technology, supporting Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and Local Community Contractors (LCC) driving transparency, equal opportunities.

How We Impact

Our business network is a curated ecosystem of Partners and Stakeholders built on a foundation of collaboration and innovation. Together, we work to build the right team to address complex, critical customer business challenges and deliver the right solutions.

Local Content

Local Content Enablement means prioritizing local resources, manpower and companies in the workforce and Supply Chains. It is most often a focus area in sectors that require technical sophistication to manage natural resources in extractive industries such as Mining, Oil& Gas. The drive to increase Local Content, in procurement, presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities for companies bidding for business contracts or those with Supply Chain operations to stay in alignment with Governmental policies and objectives.

Energy Sector (Oil & Gas Industry)

Procurement within the Energy Sector in every country is an overly complex and enduring operation. With huge costs burden on supplier acquisition and retention in today’s challenging times, implementing robust sourcing and procurement enablement solutions are much sought after by Oil & Gas Operators and Contractors.

Most of the resource-rich nations around the world are waking up to the importance of Local Content Development in Enabling local companies thrive by retaining spend and encouraging tech transfer. And Local Content is emerging as one of the key drivers in a nation’s objective by impacting the Procurement Spend, especially within the Energy Sector.

Enabling Local Content-enforced IT Platforms that drive Procurement is the answer to many industry challenges impacting business communities and social growth of nations.

businessgateways India played a key role in supporting businessgateways, Oman in successfully rolling out an extraordinarily successful Local Content-enabled Procurement System for Oman’s Energy Sector. Known as the Joint Supplier Registration System (JSRS), this key Procurement Platform is the pride of Oman’s Energy Sector and now a worldwide benchmark in harmonizing Local Content while bringing diverse Oil & Gas Operators and worldwide Suppliers together on a single platform.

Initiated by the Ministry of Energy and Minerals, Oman in 2014, the JSRS is entirely Built and Operated by businessgateways Oman supporting a unified Certification System, Supplier Sourcing, Award Transparency and Supply Chain monitoring of Local Content Obligations. It is hosted on

Economic/Social Sector

Enabling IT to meet social obligations of communities and governments is rapidly taking its place in many countries. Obligations can concern various Social Subsidy schemes and infrastructure subsidies such as Electricity, Water, Fuel and Education to name a few. businessgateways has the prime experience and expertise to create customized platforms on behalf of its Stakeholders that have a positive impact for the betterment of communities.

businessgateways Oman’s expertise and experience was also sought by the Government of Oman to implement their citizens subsidy disbursement Platform known as the National Subsidy System (NSS) hosted on

The result of our collaborative work with the Government of Oman in Building and Operating Fuel, Electricity & Water Subsidies hasmade NSS another success story. Implemented by the Government of Oman, NSS has continued to serve more than 325,000 Omani Citizens who are today benefiting from a fuel subsidy structure.

A no minor feat for businessgateways Oman who operates the entire platform on behalf of its Stakeholders.

Foreign Investments Facilitation

Every country, big or small, is looking at means to attract FDIs and boost their exports in the global markets. The key solution to such national and sector-driven objectives is implementing robust FDI facilitation Platforms.

Businessgateways Oman with a Support form businessgateways India has developed a unique investment facilitation Platform that drives Inward Investments into Oman supporting the FDI objectives for the Investment Authority of Oman. The Investment system integrates all related Investment players such as Investment Authority, Investors, Project Owners showcasing various investment-related projects in Oman. The platform is branded as Invest In Oman (

The Investment System hand-holds Investors on their investment journey towards Investment success stories by empowering them to access licensing models and tracking the entire process.

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